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Send your Resume to HR of 9000+ Top Companies in Delhi/ NCR & get Plenty of Interview Calls & Job Offers thru' The Recruitment Express (TRE) - India's Only Newspaper of Resumes
Plenty of Interview Calls- How?
  • Till date You have been applying to 1 Company at a time, while through this method you apply to Jobs in almost all Top/ Medium Sized Companies in Delhi/ NCR (9000+), so Do expect a lot of Interview Calls and Job Offers. 
  • HR of Companies prefer to Hire through this newspaper as they get Free access to the resumes listed in the paper, which are very well sorted & categorized. 
  • Advantage over Job Portals- Job Portals today have very large no. of Resumes in each category. On one of the Job Portal, in a Search for an HR with around 5 years Experience there are about 13500 Resumes in Delhi/NCR and for B. Tech Mechanical Fresher there are 12700 profiles. Can you see a real chance of getting Interview Calls when one Employer searching resumes for one position comes across so many profiles, with one profile being yours. On the other hand, TRE lists only few resumes in one category, whereby almost all candidates in a category get an Interview Call. 
  • Lot of Employers do not use Job Portals or Placement Consultants as they are very costly, while almost all Top/ Medium Sized Companies have access to The Recruitment Express as it is totally free for them. 
Excellent Selection Ratio- How? 
  • With cost cutting being prominent in every Company today, they look for sources of recruitment that cost them least to fulfill their staffing needs. While Job Portals are very costly for Employers, Consultants charge normally 1 month salary from Companies and other sources have their own cost attached with them. The Recruitment Express is the only free and extensive Source of Recruitment. So, when they call a candidate for Interview from this Newspaper they have a strong tendency to finalize the candidate if found even somewhat suitable for the position, as they don't have to pay any charges for hiring. So, do expect excellent selection ratio when you go with the reference of The Recruitment Express.
  • As The Recruitment Express Newspaper lists only few resumes in a single category, the Company may only call 2-4 candidates for a position, while on the other hand, Employers tend to call 20-30-40 candidates for a position when sourcing from a Job Portal. Again, lesser competition means higher selection ratio.
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How can I be sure that my Resume has been Printed and Circulated to 9000+ Companies ?

You can see a copy of the paper at our office along with Relevant documents/receipts related to the printing and circulation of specified no. of copies

Why should I Pay when there are free options for Job Search?

Do not only considered the amount that you pay right now in publishing your resume ad. Compare this cost with the amount that you loose by not being in job for 2-3 months as you were waiting for Free options to get you the right Job or the problems that you may face by taking up a low preference Job as you had no choices.

Fresher?- Can I Expect Responses, like Experienced?

Lot of companies do hire Freshers, but do not like to pay for hiring Freshers. So they don't hire through Consultants and try to avoid advertising, if possible. They use alternate sources like- Employee Referrals, Campus Hiring, Free Sources to look for Freshers. The Recruitment Express being free for employers provide an excellent source to Companies for hiring Freshers where they do not pay anybody for hiring candidates listed in the paper.

How is the Confidentiality of my Resume Maintained?

You can maintain full Confidentiality while publishing your Resume in The Recruitment Express by a) Putting your Name in abbreviated form or using a nick name b) Using Your alternate mobile no. In special cases we can even skip forwarding the paper in that month to your current Company

How is my Resume printed in the Publication?

Resume of a candidate is printed in a summarized form capturing all important details required by a Recruiter to shortlist a resume like- Salary, Experience, Role, Contact Details etc. Companies also get the access to your full resume online at our Website.

When will my Resume reach the Companies?

The snapshot of your resume will be published in the subsequent edition of The Recruitment Express (published monthly) and will be circulated to the listed companies.

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